Zinvth is a city on Furrae. While the precise layout of the world is currently unclear (and Amber declined to produce a map), it is presumed that the city lies on the same continent as Lost Lake, and according to Devin it borders Armansta.

The city is run by a family of Mythos known as Hiata and the Soulstealers. The Mythos control the political side while the Soulstealers handle security and defense

Zinvth is known to some as 'The Demon City' despite the fact that Demons do not build cities[1], although the name is probably referring to Creatures in general rather than true Demons.

It is known that while Beings are the main city-builders, Creatures will often run them administratively or otherwise protect them. Hence, Zinvth appears to have a disproportionately large Creature-to-Being ratio. In any case, it is a city where Beings and Creatures can live together relatively happily. Abel discribed it as a "Safe place to live in. Expensive, but safe"

Known inhabitants include Abel Rewanz, who moved there at six and lived in the city until he was at least 23, Kria Soulstealer who worked there as his elementary school teacher, and Matilda Kissriss. Lorenda also presumably lived there as a child due to her family's affiliation.


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