Weres are one of the least-understood Creature races on Furrae. They have three forms, furre, human and feral animal which they are able to shift between at will. A furtive race, they prefer to remain hidden and are essentially undetectable from Beings, having a similar lifespan. Azlan has claimed[1] on the DMFA forum that at least one 'closet Were' has appeared in the strip so far.

There are myths that being bitten by a Were can result in becoming one, but since it is a genetic trait, this is patently false and most likely a rumour started by the Weres themselves in order to deter intruders.


The Were race is largely devoid of any spectacular events. As a solitary race, the Were prefer to dwell in the background. Any notable events a Were has been indirectly responsible for are usually catastrophes in which a Creature antagonist mistook an enraged Were for a Being, and consequentially faced his or her wrath. To this day, there still isn't a Were representative in the Creature-Being Council.

Attitudes and Behavior[]

Weres who do not hide among others tend to be aggressive and territorial, tending to form large clans or tribes in remote parts of Furrae to avoid detection or interference from other races.

Alternate Forms[]


Traditionally, the default form of a Were is ostensibly indistinguishable from an ordinary Being.


A Were's human form grants him or her complete immunity to magic. According to the Were race's Demonology page,[2] even the legendary magical prowess of the Fae race is ineffective against a Were's anti-magic field.


The primal form of a Were resembles the non-sentient equivalent of the individual's species (basically, a skunk Were's primal form would look like an ordinary animal skunk). Besides the advantages that would routinely come with acquiring their animal equivalent's body, such as increased speed for a rabbit, Weres in their primal forms are capable of unleashing dazzling varieties of spells.


Weres are often formidable spellcasters, even in their natural furre form. In their feral mode, they are said to be capable of prodigious feats of magic which a normal Being would be incapable of. In human form, they actually negate magic. This makes an angry Were an extremely dangerous foe as they can switch forms at will, totally immune to magical attacks one moment yet able to return fire the next.


A Were's human form's magical invulnerability also applies to healing spells. They do not, however, effect the area surrounding a Were that has been altered by magic - such as an ice spell can be safely dispelled by a Were, but the ground can still be frozen. Weres in their default form are comparatively weak, defense-wise, as opposed to other Creatures, and can be dispatched by normal means.


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