Vampires were, like their name suggests, a race of Creatures who subsisted on the blood of their victims. They still existed during Abel's youth, but became extinct by Dan's time, as explained in strip #510.

Appearance and Abilities[]

Vampires roamed the night, sucking the blood from their victims. Sunlight destroys them, but apart from that they resemble Beings or Undead, and proved little match for seasoned adventurers such as Glory.


The origins of the vampire race are unclear, but they proved ill-equipped to survive alongside other, more powerful Creatures such as 'Cubi.

Unable to compete successfully for prey, their numbers dwindled until the last few survivors of the race gathered one night, only to be stepped upon by a passing dragon.

Since their history intersects with Undead, this final extinction presumably took place within the last 60 years as of present day.


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