Professor Trik taught a class at SAIA that taught how to look like a gryphon, as mentioned by Abel in comic #1130. Judging from this comment, Professor Trik and Professor Change from Abel's Story could be the same Cubi.

Change's clan is Dimanika, as revealed by the marking around Change's left eye (the one marking that didn't change during Change's time in the story arc). It can be inferred that Change can manipulate his or her shadow as well as his or her body. Being a member of the clan of confusion, Change may have been well-qualified for his or her teaching position. It was during one of Change's classes that Abel was called out by Fa'Lina to see his mother May Rewanz for the last time. Fi actually told Abel that Fa'Lina wanted to see him, but was interrupted by Change and looked back a few seconds later to see that Abel was already gone. Fi and Change seem to have been on good terms.

The current status of Change and/or Professor Trik is unknown, although Dan might meet him/her soon at SAIA.


  • Abel demonstrated the shapeshifting skills Change likely taught him (including the armor-plating with one's wings lesson that was interrupted by Fi) during the first part of the Randomosity arc in comics #1130 (becoming a gryphon), #1133 (it is revealed he makes that signature outfit out of part of his wings), and #1142 (Abel morphing a suit of armor). He also used his abilities to cover for Merlitz in the Get Me To The Church arc, starting in comic #695.

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