The Radio Play is being put together by a bunch of fans doing the voice acting. It involves someone deciding they wanted to do it, and putting in the effort to do so. So far, at time of writing, they have a Full Release of Daniel Ti'Fiona - Warrior For Hire (otherwise known as Arc 9, strips 116 through 171).

In addition to this there are also a large number of test recordings which are put up for review - generally these are fragments of a story arc which are eventually compiled into a full-length release. Releases are intended to have a length of roughly 25 minutes.. longer storylines such as the SAIA arc would have to be divided into parts.

Self-described as:

The idea of the DMFA Radio Project is to record audio soundtracks for Amber Panyko's DMFA webcomic, in the style of late 70's BBC Radio. Notable examples of this include 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy', and the BBC's superb adaptation of 'Lord of the Rings'. Unlike those productions, however, DMFA is being done by the fan community, with absolutely no budget whatsoever.

A cast list can be found here.


  • The main project page is here, with a mirror (sortof) here
  • The cast list can be found on either of those - Tapewolf himself says the second is "reasonably up to date"
  • The scripts (being updated by llearch) are online here
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