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Taun is a Tri-Wing succubus and the founder of her clan. Little is presently known about her, most of what we know comes from the Clan Leaders demonology articles.

Personality Edit

Taun and her clan see themselves as guardians of the 'Cubi race, and pretty much everything they do seems to be geared towards protecting it. Her own daughter teaches battle tactics and fighting at SAIA, and Fa'Lina cited the clan's objections to her having Aniz killed[2].

One of her stepsons is a former adventurer who became 'Cubified.

Research into Taun for her cameo in the 'Epsilon Project' story reveals that Taun is most focused on the big picture and the distant future. While she does love her clan members, she doesn't often show it and tends to come across as being cold and distant. Amber has described her as not being particularly nice and mentioned that she would likely have begun a program of conquest were it not for the Dragon Wars.

Taun seems to look down on most of the other clans, and Daryil in particular (rankled by the latter's attempts to become a faux-triwing).

History Edit

Taun and her clan played a significant role in saving their race during the Dragon Wars, supporting Fa'Lina's decision to create SAIA. Beyond this very little is known.

References Edit

Cubi Clan leaders #5

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