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Shax Crowe is a DMFA Fan Character


Shax is often rather shy, and rather skiddish. It has also been noted he is a bit naieve which has been known to get him into trouble at times. He is an avid bookworm, and has been noted that his dormroom at SAIA is filled with books upon books. Shax is noticed to be rather optimistic, always trying to look at the bright side of things.


Shax is a member of the near-extinct Jin clan, born to his Being mother, Jillian, and his Jin Cubi father, Senon on an island town that was often the trading post for many ships. Senon had moved him and his wife there, against the objections of Jin for it was outside the boundaries that was safe from Hizell's reach.

A few years since they moved, Jillian had gotten pregnant with Shax. Senon had decided to venture out to earn some extra coin to help with their upcoming child. Sadly, 4 months into the venture, Senon was slain by one of Hizell's agents and the money stopped coming home. Things were tough for Jillian, and her health declined.

Labor came a month early, Shax was born pre-mature, and weak. Jillian had passed from complications during birth, and the orphaned Shax was sent to Zinvth for better care after being stabilized. From here, plans for his future was taken over by Jin, and he was placed into a trusted orphanage within Zinvth.

Growing up was quite uneventful for him, but he remained at the orphanage until his headwings came in, where he was then introduced to Fa'Lina, and then his clan leader, Jin. From here, Shax lived at SAIA full time, not allowed to leave the Academy under Jin's orders.

As Shax was quite shy, he was quickly introduced to a fellow Jin Cubi, Mink, in the hopes to find someone he relates to. He quickly grew to see Mink as an older sibling. Shax was also given his own Warp-Aci, Zaxi, to help guide him around campus.

After graduation, Shax still resides at the Academy, still forbidden to leave by Jin. In present times he is often seen helping put away books and clean in SAIA's library. Shax has been trying to get an internship at Zinvth Hospital to work alongside Mink's Father.


  • Shax is one of the few Cubi who still sleep normally, despite not needing to.

Shax has made an appearance in Project Future during Werrew's backstory, being held prisoner for being a 'creature'. PF - Page 254

He is one of the last few survivors of Jin Clan.