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All 'Cubi belong to a Clan, whether they know it or not. The clan they belong to will influence which emotions they can readily absorb, and has a symbol associated with it which will appear somewhere upon their body as their magical proficiency increases.

Seme ClanEdit

Little is currently known about this clan. They are referred to as the Clan of Broken Dreams. Two of their members volunteered to be Abel's roommate in Abel's Story, Part Two. Seme clan was originally known as Clan Divallis and is apparently one of only three handovers which was achieved through peaceful means.

Their emotional affinity is despair.

Clan LeaderEdit

For more information, see: Seme

Seme was apparently Siar's lover, and her wings changed from white to black following Siar's death at the hands of the Dragon Hizell.

Beliefs and LifestyleEdit

Not much is known about Seme Clan's lifestyle. They were listed as one of the clans with a reputation for exploiting their affinity for darker emotions.[1]. Whether this is still the case following Siar's death is unclear.

However it is known that about a fifth of the clan's population is derived from clans which fell during the Dragon Wars and they have a policy of adopting such refugees.

The clan itself is in good shape and has recently become patron of the city of Shiin.


Hizell (?)


Siar Clan (or the survivors thereof)

Known membersEdit

Seme Sel and her child, who converted from Siar Clan[2]


Cubi Clan leaders #4

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