All 'Cubi belong to a Clan, whether they know it or not. The clan they belong to will influence which emotions they can readily absorb, and has a symbol associated with it which will appear somewhere upon their body as their magical proficiency increases.

Rhu'Hahn Clan[]

The Rhu'Hahn clan is an offshoot of Jyraneth's Clan.

At its height, the Jyraneth clan had a number of allies. Some of these were not directly related, while others were made up of exiled Jyraneth members who were cast out, their markings changed by Jyraneth herself as punishment for their crimes.

Rhu'Hahn himself was one of Jyraneth's generals until he disgraced himself in a long-forgotten incident, said to be the murder of a rival. In exchange for his life, Jyraneth created a new clan and bound him to it, ordering him to accept any further exiles she sent or else risk her displeasure.

While the bulk of the clan consists of exiled criminals, this is not exclusively the case. On rare occasions a married couple of Jyraneth were found guilty of heresy or a similar crime and executed. In this case, any young children they had would be raised and re-educated by allied clans. The less volatile members of the Rhu'Hahn were entrusted with this duty.

Emotional Affinity[]

Consisting mostly of ex-Jyraneth members, the Rhu'Hahn have similar affinities to their parent clan. As such, they predominantly enjoy various kinds of suffering.

Beliefs and Lifestyle[]

Of all Jyraneth's allies, the Rhu'Hahn were among the most fanatical. Since many of its members were disgraced Jyraneth members, they followed her teachings with zeal, often trying to out-do the Jyraneth themselves in terms of brutality in the hopes that they could win favour with the Lady and be re-admitted to the clan.

Even so, it would not be fair to say that all Rhu'Hahn members were uncontrollably violent.


The more volatile members of the Rhu'Hahn are particularly vicious towards their parent clan's enemies, which includes the Ja'Fell Clan, and the Kamei'Sin Clan.

Beyond that, they are treated with hatred or contempt by most other clans in the same way as their parent clan, the Jyraneth.


Since Rhu'Hahn tend to be xenophobic and generally downright nasty, their only real ally was their parent clan, Jyraneth Clan.

Known members[]

  • Salwin Rhu'Hahn

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