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Repteal (& Deathscythe)
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Level 4 dark mage



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Unidentified reptile



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Much about Repteal is a mystery. She arrived at The Academy a few years previously, and has left much pain in her wake. She is at the top of her class. (A few others who came close mysteriously disappeared.)

Repteal is a master of status spells. Rather than kill her victims outright, she prefers to play mind games with them, sometimes for months on end. She does always complete whatever she sets her mind to, and is often hired for her professional skills. Most at The Academy know to keep out of her path.

Deathscythe Edit

Deathscythe is the preferred weapon of Repteal. Its origins are also somewhat of a mystery. Rumor has it that Repteal travelled across several galaxies and dimensions to reassemble Deathsythe. It is also said that there was once a companion scythe (called Lightscythe).

Deathscythe can transform at its master's will, but it can't transform beyond what it has. (It can't shrink or grow much.) It can however, break off pieces with sensory function that relay information back to the red eye ("the brain"). This is the only piece that can't be broken apart.

Although indestructible, if Deathscythe's owner is defeated, then it goes into a dormant period, allowing it to be broken up and scattered.

Trivia Edit

  • Repteal has a casual friendship with the demon Thorganthicus.
  • Repteal keeps a set of guns, but is not too fond of them.

Sources Edit

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