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Raine Joybringer
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Muffins, panic, surprise


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Personality[edit | edit source]

RJ is a very easygoing, happy-go-lucky person and tends to be open and caring to anyone she comes across. Born on Sanctuary Island, her clan likes to focus on Elemental magics, mostly fire and water, as these are the symbols which make up their clan marking. RJ's speciality is in water - her twin brother Blaze is more adept at fire.

History[edit | edit source]

Raine is a member of the Joybringer Clan, a rather moderately-sized clan among 'Cubi kind as they like to keep away from most conflicts and their clan is mostly based upon an island hidden by magic.

After becoming fed up with the internal politics of the clan, RJ decided to leave the island with the aim of enrolling at SAIA to try and broaden her horizons.

When RJ was discovered missing, her brother requested to leave to search for her. However, his request was denied until 83 B.C. when the elders changed their mind and commanded him to bring her back for a mysterious yet important event which they described as 'a festival'.

Meanwhile, RJ duly arrived at the Academy but upon graduation around 167 B.C, she found that there was no real place for her to go, apart from back to Sanctuary Island. She therefore decided to stay on at SAIA, helping out and such. That said, many wished she hadn't stayed... her cooking skills are now infamous among the students.

Blaze eventually found RJ residing in SAIA, acting as an aid to Professor Ink. He managed to convince her to come back for the 'festival'. As they prepared to leave, they were confronted by Fa’lina, and surprisingly, he was offered a part-time position helping to teach fire magic. Blaze declined in order to bring his sister back, though Fa’lina stated her offer was still there in case he ever changed his mind.

RJ and Blaze returned to the Academy later that year, with Blaze taking up the teaching post. The pair of them have refused to discuss the so-called 'festival' ever since.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • RJ is much feared for her explosive muffins.

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