Quill is a member of the Taun Clan and is head of the combat department at SAIA[1]. She appears to have a romantic interest in Jakob, though this may have been a feint to prevent Jakob interviewing Dan immediately on his arrival.

Quill is a lineal descendant of Taun and is considered quite old even among 'Cubi.

Her clan marking is located on her right shoulder, easily visible in her first comic appearance.


  • She is over 8 feet tall; the scale to Jakob and Dan implies that Fa'Lina is the same height in her normal form.
  • Judging by her head, she is part giraffe and part fox. Her tail supports the latter theory.
  • According to Amber (private conversation) Quill dislikes clan politics and was not interested in representing her clan at the centennial meeting. Quill has seen action both in war and as an adventurer, and so is able to understand the mindset of most of her students.
  • Apparently Quill was designed as a more approachable replacement for the original character planned as senior instructor. This character was scrapped because Amber felt they were too cold and distant.

Reference links[]

  1. Brady mentions that Quill oversees the fighting department here: #1258.