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The Phoenix race, an eclectic group, is divided between two factions, known as the Phoenix A and Phoenix B race. Keep in mind that the classifications "A" and "B" are strictly used for differentiation in the Demonology and aren't used within the actual Furrae setting.


Whereas the Phoenix A are limited to only forty-two individuals, the Phoenix B are vastly more common than their immortal brethren. The avian race in general is greatly intermingled, so it is difficult to determine a magically-endowed one from a non-magical one by standard terms. However, Phoenix ) are widely known to hold an affinity for elements in nature and some limited shapeshifting abilities. This often creates more confusion about the race, so the official estimation of the population for Phoenix B is unknown. Phoenix B are also the first race to reject membership in the Creature Council, hence they are considered Beings by most Creatures.

Phoenix A and Phoenix B are closely connected and consider each other to be feathered ilk. Because of this, Phoenix (B) often establish villages beside the Phoenix Oracle temples.


The Phoenix B race’s history is mostly unknown.

Attitude and Behavior[]

Unlike the aloof perspective many Creatures hold towards Beings, the Phoenix B share a sympathetic attitude for Beings, who they view as kin. Many of them harbor a great sense of justice and abhorrence for what they feel is unfair, so it is not uncommon for a Phoenix B to become an Adventurer despite the widely peaceful nature of their race. Because of this attitude, some Creatures believe the Phoenix B are nuisances.


The Phoenix B, true to their name, are all avian in description, having feathery wings and a generally birdlike appearance. While Phoenix A are distinguished by their fiery hair, the Phoenix B are less ethereal and more physical, lacking the fiery characteristics of their immortal brethren.


The Phoenix B are highly attuned to Nature-oriented magic, granting them not only a natural empathy towards their environment but an acute understanding of non-sentient animals. Possessing inherent polymorphic capabilities, their abilities make them excellent spies, since they can assume alternate physical appearances. As demonstrated by Aliyka, the majority of the Phoenix B race are capable of transforming into felines.


Transforming into alternate physical forms is a very tiring task for a Phoenix B. In the long run, despite their knowledge of Nature-oriented magic and the like, Phoenix B are also a weaker form of Creature in that they can be killed through normal means (for example: anything which can kill an ordinary Being). Their lifespans are also comparatively short.

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