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Neremath Ja'Fell
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Garage mechanic





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Canine (Husky)



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Repairing vehicles

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Surprise, excitement, passion


Wife (Salomere), Father (Mordrith), Mother (Julei). Children: Dorcan, Amath, Fenholt, Amalia and Ingar


Ja'Fell Clan



Neremath is an incubus of Ja'Fell Clan, born into their harsh, and violent parent clan a few short years before his family was forced to flee. As a result he was somewhat confused, in his early years, as to whether Beings were a nuisance prey species, or whether they were to be respected as fellow sentients.

Not surprisingly, Neremath came away with a tendency to think of Beings as playthings, but his family's tactic of pretending to be one for the last few centuries has served to make him more appreciative of them, and he taught their children to treat Beings with respect. Curiously, the Being invention of motorised transport was what finally closed the gap for him.

Like many 'Cubi, Neremath can be a bit of a philanderer, though this has tailed off rather sharply since his marriage.


Neremath is an incubus of Ja'Fell Clan. He was born to two 'Cubi parents and brought up to believe that Beings were inferior until he was about 10, when his parents were forced to flee from their original clan. To ensure his survival, Neremath was sent to SAIA both to keep him safe from their enemies and to give him a better chance at survival in the longer term.

After leaving the academy, he married Salomere Dynarith. The first year or so of their marriage was a little shaky as each of them was convinced the other was a Being and both of them were afraid of spooking their partner or losing them entirely if the truth became known. Once this hurdle was passed, they settled down and had a number of children, all of whom were sent to SAIA to ensure they had a proper education.

Throughout their marriage, Neremath and Salomere have tended to live in Creature-hostile territories, keeping their true identities secret and moving on or changing identity when they have stayed in one place for too long. Two of their children, Amath and Fenholt, were killed during in a raid on their town roughly 130 years prior to present-day DMFA.

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  • Neremath's clan mark is on his right shoulder. He tends to keep it covered unless he can pass it off as some kind of tattoo.
  • Neremath has a deep passion for motorcycles and racing.
  • Occasionally he will go touring with his wife and they may occasionally drop their disguise when it is safe to do so.