Some mythos

Some possible Mythos

The Mythos are a wide range of creatures that don't fit in any other category.


The Mythos race is a veritable mishmash of different races combined into one, immense category. Completely variable in everything from personality to appearance, some can be as peaceful as a butterfly, while others can have a bloodlust fierce enough to rival the Demon race. Either way, the Mythos have been equally responsible for both catastrophes and important escalations in technology or magic. Thanks to such vastness, people have been frequently confused by the Mythos and attempting to classify them.


A great deal of the Mythos race's history had been engulfed in brutal civil war, dating back before most records were preserved. Thousands of years ago, a group of intelligent leaders rose up to unite the Mythos race into one, entire group, allowing them a position in the councils. Unfortunately, genocide towards those who weren't within the alliance broke out, the motives of which spawn some controversy today. Because of these intolerant beginnings, a few, secretive Mythos species have slinked away into seclusion, despite society mostly having evolved out of such barbaric stages.


The Mythos race is the most diverse in Furrae, and is comprised of multiple subcategories. Some have multiple eyes or arms, some come in the most vibrant or darkest of colors, some have wings while others don't. All in all, the Mythos basically consist of creatures which are nearly indescribable and do not belong in any other official classification.


Many Mythos are talented magic users, specializing in a balanced range of spells, and because of this share intense ties with magical lore. These abilities have often been used to enhance machinery. Individually, however, the abilities may vary, sometimes depending on what group the Mythos in question hails from.


Once more, the personal weakness lies with the Mythos itself. Adventurers and libraries have culminated a good amount of information about Mythos and their strengths and weaknesses, however.

Facts and Trivia[]

  • Zingauru, age 24,729, was one of the first Creatures to experiment with the inner workings of spells. He recorded his discoveries in books which are now commonly used in schools for those who study magic, and are highly renowned. Before his foundings, magic was just a hand-down from generation to generation.

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