Mows are a group of small, fluffy creatures in the world of Furrae. They are not frequently featured in plot-related strips. Their Demonology section[1] describes them as immune to mental, physical, and magical attacks. It goes on to explain they are a created species. While the Demonology page does not explicitly detail #363, the aforementioned comic shows two of Jyrras's old lab assistants, Mat and Pede (cameo characters), were attempting to make a "perfect Mab clone," but only found a cute kitten toy to combine with a piece of Mab's hair, resulting in a flood of Mows. It is unknown if Jyrras had any part in this experiment. The fact that Mows are based off of Mab is generally proven in #578.

The behavior of Mow is characterized by the tendency to eat all non-living material (excluding the Undead) it can, and give "hugs" (to latch on a flap its wings quickly). Mows seem to travel in swarms.


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