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Moira Gianna
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65 (see 'Trivia')

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Strip #328

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Hair color

Black (now grey)

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Miscellaneous Information

Husband (Seth Gianna), Children (Jyrras, Larita, Ellen, Merrilee, Jayna, Kimi, Nell)


Moira Gianna is a character in the comic Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures. She is Jyrras' mother and a lawyer who became well known for the case of Rachel-Rebecca the Third, the first Undead who won the case of her own murder ([1]).


Little is known about Moira. She appears to be professional and serious most of the time, even at home.

Moira is also known to have little to no objection against Creatures and Beings living together. She knew that her Jyrras' friend Dan is a Creature (long before Dan learned of his heritage) and approves of her son living with Lorenda, the daughter of Moira's Demon friend Kria (#332).


Before she met Seth, Moira Den (her maiden name) had become a lawyer. Among her noteworthy cases was the case of Rachel-Rebecca's murder, which had historical impact because her client was the (undead) Rachel-Rebecca herself. Moira also met Kria and discovered that being a lawyer is considered to be very evil, even by Demon standards. (#337, #339)

Moira met Seth through a personal ad, even though the meeting had only happened due to an accident in the Personal Ad Department that led to the "Kangaroo" and "Kangaroo Rat" entries to mix. Moira instantly fell in love with Seth during their first meeting, at least partially thanks to the kangaroo rat's cuteness (which is either a trait of the species or of the family - either way, Jyrras is known to possess it, too). Although it is not specified in the strip, it can be assumed that Moira and Seth married shortly after this event. (#328)

Over the years, Moira gave birth to seven children, six daughters and one son. A curious fact about her children is that all of her daughters are kangaroos while her son Jyrras is the only kangaroo rat. Currently, Moira is pregnant with her eighth child (#612). It is unclear if the child will be a kangaroo or kangaroo rat (#633).


  • Amber has implied that Moira's lifespan has been artificially extended by some of her more powerful Creature clients.