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Mink is best known for zir report on the Cubi Clan Leaders .


Mink is typically somewhat absent-minded and giddy. The only time ze is not cheerful are faced with a certain two things (see Trivia) or a period of time after zir mothers death at the hands of an adventurer, a time where ze may have felt suicidal. Ze seems to have a interest in clowns.


Ze has acted as a guide for Abel and more recently Dan, making zim over four hundred years old.


One of the few things/people Mink is bothered by is the SAIA Librarian and Aaryanna.

Zir clan symbol appears to be on zir right buttock as seen from Abel's Story #091.

While this article uses "ze" or "zir" as a placeholder, Mink's pronoun-preference has never been explicitly stated in-comic, and public opinion is divided on Mink's gender and sex. Amber has provided[1] some Word of God insight for Mink's gender and preferred pronouns:

Mink is a character who in development I had and have no gender in mind.  For Mink, gender is a non-issue and not really essential to the character.  For those who wonder what pronouns are preferred, I personally tend to default to male pronouns but really Mink responds to any and has no real preference. Whatever folks feel comfortable with and as long as it is consistent.  At the end of the day, Mink is a squigglet.

But she does not say anything about Mink's sex, so considering Mink's Mythos heritage, it is even possible that Mink's sex is something not quite standard male or female. Even Mink seems unsure [2] what sex ze is at any given time.

Mink stated that ze stopped sleeping centuries ago[3] but can be seen sleeping in the clan leader arc. Likely ze no longer needs to sleep but likes to on occasion.

Jin is Mink's great-great grandmother.


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  3. Not that you'd want to sleep in that room #1241