04 Messafint
Messafint (or Mezzafint)
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Strip #545

Physical description



Giant rat



Hair color


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Miscellaneous Information
Most Known For

Being suspicious of her boyfriend cheating on her

Favorite Food

Rage and heartbreak

Favorite Colour

Green and black, apparently


Messafint (or, as Amber spelled her name in another thread, Mezzafint) is an extra character that appeared in strip #545. Even though the comic itself does not reveal any information about her, Amber shared her story on the old forum.

Personality and History[]

Messafint is a Succubus that feeds on rage and heartbreak. As if to complement this, she is also slightly paranoid and continuously suspects that her boyfriend is cheating on her. However, it was this paranoia that caused Jard (Messafint's boyfriend around the time of the strip she appeared in) to cheat on her with another Cubi.

Since Cubi tend to be highly emotional and often seem to act on impulse, Messafint's reaction was in line with her affinity for rage. It is technically unknown what happened to Jard, but it has to be assumed that he became the victim of her morning star.

Messafint's current situation concerning boyfriends is also unknown (since we never saw her again since then), but her affinity for heartbreak seems to be a bad omen for any future long-term relationships.


Contrary to early speculations, Messafint is not a rat or a canine, but rather a giant rat (which, as Amber stated, are larger than regular rats and have a varied skull structure). Her fur is almost completely white, only her ears and the area around her eyes have black markings. However, it is not known if these are natural patterns or if she dyed them.

Messafint went all-out in terms of trendy styles. Aside from the slight gothic touch of her wardrobe, she also has multiple piercings in each ear and found a way to let the color green slip into almost every part of her outfit (ranging from the skirt to her lipstick color). As such, it's not certain if her hair is dyed or not.

This behavior of fully embracing a trend seems to be a common trait among SAIA students. Amber gave two possible explanations for this. The first is the fact that SAIA is almost completely isolated from the rest of the world, leading to trends lingering around much longer and more noticeable than in a larger city. The second explanation is that Cubi simply like trendy, shiny things.