04 Merlitz
Merlitz Meshaiko
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Strip #003

Date of death

Before strip #1326

Physical description

Tiger / Cheetah



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Miscellaneous Information
Often Seen

Training, practicing magic, working for Alexsi

Most Known For

The Angry Merlitz Face and casting fireballs at... you name it.


Studying magic, keeping peace, flower arranging

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Merlitz is generally considered to be the 'straight man' of the cast and often finds himself in the position of trying to keep everything together amidst the chaos. With a tendency to take things very seriously, Merlitz is honest and expects honesty from others which can make him easy to take advantage of. Merlitz is easily stressed which can leave him moody and quick to anger and for this reason he will often disappear for a while in order to relax. He has an intense dislike of surprises.


Like many characters in DMFA, his past is something of a mystery. However it is known that he has spent some time as an adventurer, a career which ended when he came across a Human. With no proof of his encounter, his teammates feared for his sanity and retired him, which left him with a strong desire to find other humans and thereby prove to the world that he is sane.

Left unemployed, he applied for a job as a bouncer/guard at Lost Lake Inn. After a disastrous night out, Merlitz, Dan, Azlan and Wildy set off on a demon-hunting expedition to regain their self-esteem. This led him to be captured by Aaryanna who subsequently became his girlfriend.

Merlitz' relationship with Aary persisted until their mission to rescue Dan from SAIA caused them to split. She stayed on to teach at the Academy and he was left to brood for a while before disappearing from Lost Lake. He was last seen setting off on a new adventure with Aliyka.

He is since presumed dead, pronounced by a Phoenix Oracle to have been killed by a Cubi from Lost Lake. Based on a prophecy by Fa'Lina, Abel believes this to refer to him being put in harm's way by his friendship with Dan.


  • Merlitz was originally based off a real character from Furcadia.
  • Merlitz appears to specialise in fire-magic. Casting fireballs and other flame-based spells will cause his eyes to become orange.
  • When exceptionally angry he will gain a pair of fiery wings.
  • Merlitz has had the most outfit variations than any other character in the cast.