04 Lorenda
Lorenda Soulstealer
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Strip #013

Physical description



Cow / mare



Hair color

Cotton-candy pink

Eye color


Miscellaneous Information
Often Seen

Eating, drinking, working, going camping

Most Known For

Her sharp pointy teeth


Cooking, dancing, sewing, reading, hiking

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Mother (Kria Soulstealer), Father (deceased), Uncle (Dark Pegasus), Second-Cousin (Regina Darkblood)


Lorenda is a supporting character of DMFA. While she first appeared in strip #013 and at least 10 times after that, she truly started to become an important character in strip #092. Lorenda is a Being-Demon hybrid, however she feels closer to Beings than to her Creature kin.


For the most part, Lorenda is fairly good natured. Fun-loving, she still likes having her own stability. Despite her own heritage, she tries the best she can to treat Beings as equals and eat only other predators, however she is still part Demon and irritating her has chances to result in you being eaten, as seen in strip #097. This fact doesn't help her in her own attempts at living a normal life, as it often ends in being fired from her current job (if any), and used to get her evicted before she moved in with Jyrras. She has a certain liking for alcohol (see strip #104), rarely turning down a chance to drink and party.


Lorenda was born to the Demon Kria Soulstealer, and raised as a demon. Sent to a public school during her teens so she'd blend in, she ended up "falling into a bad crowd" (at least according to Kria) and chose to live as a normal Being, without the rampages Demons are prone to. (See Strip #341)

While trying on some corsets (see strip #768 of the "Light Lunch" arc), Lorenda spontaneously sprouted her wings as she reached the Demonic equivalent of maturity. For reasons not yet explained (possibly Kria's amulet, or likely the fact that Lorenda is not a full-blooded demon), the wings have developed vestigially and cannot function properly, even by magical means (strip #772). Judging by both Bernadette and Kria's reactions, this is an anomalous occurrence even for Demons.


  • Lorenda possesses a pair of earrings which Kria passed down to her when she was five, Lorenda's only memento of her dead father.
  • Like her mother, Lorenda can sharpen and harden her hooves into claws.
  • Lorenda is much stronger than she looks.
  • Lorenda enjoys assembling elaborate and colorful outfits which she gives to friends or sells.
  • Lorenda could possibly have her mother's lifespan.