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Kish'Ta is a Tri-Wing succubus and the founder of the clan that bears her name. Little is presently known about her, most of what we know either comes from the Clan Leaders demonology articles, or from Amber's comments on the forum and FurAffinity.

Personality Edit

Kish'Ta is extremely eccentric, and described by Amber as "a lot of show but not as much substance". No-one knows what her actual base form is, though certain of her clan's members believe she may be a bat.

She is depicted in the Demonology as wearing the skin of a vixen and a severed head over her own face (which has been torn off). This drove many people to believe that she was wearing the corpse of a foe - in actual fact, Amber has stated on FurAffinity that "...the suit she is wearing was originally some department store fox jammies. The mask and the gore are her own doing... but the suit itself is polyester." She added, "Knowing her, she likely can see just fine out of the mask part and can even keep on talking through it. Kish'Ta loves her party tricks."

Amber has also stated that Kish'Ta is far less vicious than one might assume[1]. Having had 24'000 years in which to refine her ability to cause terror, she has turned fear into an artform and considers violence and brutality to be crude and cheap.

She is said to find that a blend of fear mixed with other emotions such as hope and pain provides the best results.

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Larger version on FurAffinity - requires login for gore

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