The Kamei'Sin Clan Insignia


All 'Cubi belong to a Clan, whether they know it or not. The clan they belong to will influence which emotions they can readily absorb, and has a symbol associated with it which will appear somewhere upon their body as their magical proficiency increases.

Kamei'Sin Clan[]

The Kamei'Sin clan was clan Jyraneth's main rival.

Originally they were ruled by two tri-winged Founders, Lady Qaisyne and her lover, Zalantare. Both clan founders have since died and the clan is now believed to be ruled by some kind of council.

Emotional Affinity[]

Members of the Kamei'Sin Clan have an affinity for love and hate as their preferred emotions.


The clan's founding is currently murky, but they have long been a rival of the Jyraneth clan, having set up their home territories in relative proximity to each other.

What started out as a territorial dispute blossomed into a full-scale war between the two clans, owing in no small part to the death of Zalantare at Jyraneth's hands and the imprisonment of his soul as a keepsake. Mortified, Qaisyne began to plan revenge, seeking the destruction of her enemy's entire clan and the retrieval of her lover's soul.

Once this was achieved, at least to the extent of releasing Zalantare, Qaisyne passed on from the world in order to be with her mate leaving her clan in the competent - though less powerful - hands of her subordinates.

The Kamei'Sin seem to have mellowed in the centuries following their great vendetta. There have been no known attempts to eradicate the few survivors of the old enemy.

Beliefs and Lifestyle[]



The Kamei'Sin clan's chief enemy was their rival, Jyraneth Clan.



Known members[]

  • Qaisyne (deceased)
  • Zalantare (deceased)
  • Simeon Kaye
  • Aeriko Iyakune

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