Humans are said to have become extinct in Furrae, and thus are extremely rare. Only one has appeared in the strip itself during a flashback sequence from Merlitz and in this case they were a lost dimensional traveller rather than a native. This encounter cost Merlitz his reputation and career as an adventurer.

Jyrras succeeded in creating a patch which allowed Dan to assume the appearance of a human, driving Merlitz into a frenzy and scaring many patrons of the inn. It is interesting to note that according to Amber, a patch requires DNA from the target creature[1], which implies that Jyrras has encountered a human himself. Though another posiblity is, as Mab helped make them, the DNA was aquired by her, not Jy, which due to Mab being Fae, is more likely.

Wildy is said to be human fan.

Weres have a human form in addition to their furre and feral forms.


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