The Hrienth Clan Insignia


All 'Cubi belong to a Clan, whether they know it or not. The clan they belong to will influence which emotions they can readily absorb, and has a symbol associated with it which will appear somewhere upon their body as their magical proficiency increases.

Hrienth Clan[]

Hrienth Clan is the clan that Aaryanna, a minor character in DMFA, belongs to, but it was never actually introduced or named within any of DMFA’s strips. After Aaryanna opened her LiveJournal in strip #484, she began to make frequent entries, occasionally answering questions asked by her readers relating to the Cubi race. In one of these question-and-answer entries, Aaryanna revealed the name of her clan.[1]

In a later entry, Aaryanna detailed a small part of Hrienth Clan’s history. Aaryanna confessed in her LiveJournal that Hrienth Clan lost its founder twenty-five thousand years prior to the events in DMFA, although the events that precipitated this casualty remained decidedly unclear and garbled by conspiracy speculations. According to Aaryanna (and Fluffy in a QFR strip), Hrienth Clan’s founder was killed in a confrontation with a Dragon clan, but she admitted that other sources have provided alternate details or testimonies, such as that the whole altercation occurred because of the clan leader’s attempts to amass more power or that it was an assassination from another clan.[2]

Emotional Affinity[]

Pleasure and pain, with members having the option to choose between one, the other, or a bit of both, as revealed in a Q&A comic on Oct. 5 2010.

Beliefs and Lifestyle[]



Aaryanna mentions in strip #584 that those associated with Nact'Larn Clan would immediately tear apart anyone who was even remotely related to her. Presumably, Nact'Larn Clan could be among her clan's enemies, but there is no definite material confirming this. Other than this implication (possibly because one of Hrienth clan's affinities, pleasure, may overlap with Nact'Larn Clan's affinity of lust), no other information has been provided that could allow insight to Hrienth Clan's relationships with other clans.


Not known

Known members[]


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