'Furrae Chronicles' is a generic term for a series of stories written by Gareeku which are set in the DMFA universe. These stories make heavy use of other fan characters, and see a number of their canons intersect.

There are currently two stories:

  • Furrae Chronicles
  • Furrae Chronicles: Webs of Destiny

Furrae Chronicles[]

Following an attack upon Gareeku's home village by the notoriously evil succubus Charline, he sets off to seek revenge. Following a series of encounters and confrontations, he and his party find themselves confronting the evil crimelord, Johan Cross.


Characters involved: Gareeku Manoko, Nero, Xzelia, Ryn Serenity, Aisha DeCabre, Jakob Pettersohn, Paladin Sheppard, Gabrielle Starshine, Raine Joybringer, James StarRunner


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Webs of Destiny[]

Some years after the original expedition, Gareeku receives a note to say that his Mother and Uncle have been kidnapped. Several other members of the previous party, as well some new faces, receive similar notes, and they meet in a tavern to form a rescue party as to find out who is behind the kidnappings. Outside, a certain feline sniper has other plans...


Characters involved: Gareeku Manoko, Jakob Pettersohn, Arcalane Celso, Xzelia, Gabrielle Starshine, Blaze Joybringer, Paladin Sheppard, Anzimani, Ephrael, Aisha DeCabre, James StarRunner, Keaton the Black Jackal, P. Melodie Icewing, Ignatz Donovan, Cogidubnus Mithlome


Web of Destiny is being written collaboratively as a turn-based role-playing game. This 'raw footage' will probably be edited into a more conventional, chapter-based format at some later stage.

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