Furrae is the world on which DMFA is set. Amber has not described it very much, although from the orrey in strip #425 it can be deduced that it has approximately four moons. (In this thread on The Nice, Amber mentioned in passing that there were magic-based colonies on some of these moons. Whether this old information is still canon is up to her.)

In strip #056, Merlitz implies that Furrae did once have humans on it, but they died out in some kind of epidemic. Whether this was deliberate or accidental is left open. Amber has stated [find citation] that Furrae is not a far-future Earth where animals have evolved into humanoid form.

Religion isn't explored heavily within the strips, but it's known that the Demon and Angel races doesn't work for or against in particular. It's seems that most religions are monotheistic, but some real-life religions exist in Furrae. Judaism is one of them. #1200

The term 'furrae' is also used to describe the world's inhabitants.