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Avoiding becoming a Pip-crunchie


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Hot Pockets

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Owner (Daniel Ti'Fiona)


Fi is Fa'Lina's former Warp-Aci and the one responsible for teleporting Abel and Dan back and forth from SAIA, as well as one of the newest cast members.


As far as Warp-Aci go, Fi is rather unusual. While more than willing to obey its owner's commands, Fi is also just as acquiescent to voice its complaints in regards to an unfavorable task. Fi isn't afraid to interject with a sardonic comment or two, often at someone's expense. Overall, Fi appears to enjoy life and relishes the chance to experience new things--most commonly food. It doesn't change the fact that Fi has the tendency to be lazy and prefers to lounge on a sofa eating junk food than really explore.


Before its introduction disguised as an acceptance notice addressed to Dan, Fi served as Fa'Lina's official Warp-Aci and messenger. It was essentially created to teleport accepted students to SAIA shortly after their admittance, and its assignment to Dan was supposed to be no different from past ventures. Unfortunately, things went rather awry when Pip happened to interfere, attacking Fi and forcing it to retreat into a portal formed in the sword Matilda had given to Dan. This separation from the tangible plane severed Fa'Lina's connection with it, and led her to believe Fi had 'died'.

By the time Fi's real condition was revealed, it had already been replaced. Rather than dispose of Fi, Fa'Lina officially declared Dan its new owner, and gave Fi the new task of transporting Dan and Abel to SAIA whenever time demands.


  • Like all Warp-Aci, Fi's body structure can change depending on the desires of its current owner. Dan, however, is rather lackadaisical about this, thus Fi retains the same shape it did when under Fa'lina's care.
  • The phrase 'Ch-Ya!', which is repeated throughout the comic, is generic Warp-Aci slang. The translation behind it is unknown.
  • Fi can mentally alter its weight so it is literally as light as a feather.
  • The fact that Pip has taken a giant and rather noticable chunk out of Fi's tail irritates it to no end.

Reference links:

Fi appears in Abel's story, indicating that Fa'Lina owned Fi for at least three hundred-odd years: http://www.missmab.com/Comics/Ab_067.php