This is a compilation timeline of various fan works set in the DMFA universe. They are colour-coded according to the source they are drawn from or belong to. Many of these works intersect - Furrae Chronicles and the Bounty Hunter RP series combine characters from various works.

One aim of this timeline is to assist fan writers in ensuring that their histories will be consistent with both DMFA itself and with each other.

Some of the characters such as RJ and Doctor Ink have appeared as cameos in the DMFA strip itself, but their background as presented here is not necessarily canon with DMFA itself.

The Fan Timeline[]

Year Event Canon
3000 B.C. Admon’s village is laid to ruin in the crossfire of a Cubi clan war. Fleeing the destruction, Admon is eventually tracked down and encased in ice, left for dead by a mythos raiding team. He is 44 years old. BH

901 B.C. The incubus Jakob Pettersohn is born to the wolf incubus Petter Josefsohn and his Being wife Dulcinia. They traditionally take the father's name as their surname, thus known as 'Pettersohn' (i.e. son-of-Petter). CJP

898 B.C. Jakob's incubus brother Izak is born. Their father disappears two years later. CJP

875 B.C. Jakob is kidnapped by Fa'Lina and imprisoned within SAIA as part of a social experiment. Six months later, he escapes and upon recapture is enrolled as a regular student. CJP

873 B.C. Izak's headwings appear. Half-killed by Beings, he is rescued and brought to SAIA by his father. Overwhelmed with grief at the loss of her family, their mother Dulcinia dies shortly afterwards. CJP

582 B.C. The incubus Paladin Sheppard is born. PS

524 B.C. The incubus Coan Ti'fiona is born. CLS
519 B.C. The succubus Katherine Beatrix Imenwati-Jyraneth, later known as Keaton is born to Elizabeth and Salem Jyraneth in the city of Harla'Keth KBJ

501 B.C. Jakob graduates from SAIA and goes off to explore the world. Later that year he is befriended by Page, the ruler of Ha'Khun. About two years later, he is made joint ruler of the city. CJP

500 B.C. Coan is accepted in to the university and studies there for 4 years. CLS
459 B.C. Keaton is accepted into the elite Jyraneth Raiders. KBJ

456 B.C. Coan stages his death and goes into hiding as to not be destroyed like most of his clan. CLS
451 B.C. Keaton's home city, Harla'Keth, is destroyed by the Kamei'Sin Clan. Only a handful of clan members survive the massacre, including Keaton, her sister, mother and a handful of renegade Jyraneth led by Mordrith Ja'Fell. Keaton is taken prisoner by Kytharion. KBJ

451 B.C. The Dynarith Clan panics at the destruction of their protectors in Harla'Keth and fragments itself. CJP

438 B.C. The succubus Raine Joybringer and her incubus twin Blaze Joybringer are born on Sanctuary Island, a secluded island with few links to the outside world. RJ

402 B.C. Page, nicknamed 'Azrael', is murdered by three demons. Jakob takes it very badly and becomes obsessed with vengeance. Changing his name to Johan Cross, an alias he used before on occasion, he loses his sense of morality and rules Ha'Khun with a just but extremely firm hand, creating a climate of fear using his shape shifting abilities. CJP

401 B.C. The Incubus Zedtan Ridley-d'Ombre is born RFD

381 B.C. Kytharion pushes Keaton to breaking point. Keaton vows to destroy him. KBJ

376 B.C. Keaton slays Kytharion and traps his soul within her enchanted mace. She escapes to begin her search for the remains of her family. KBJ

350 B.C. Coan is accepted back into the university under the name Loane Rakker and studies there until 150B.C. CLS
349 B.C. Keaton learns of SAIA and investigates, seeking any family members who may be there. Fa'Lina persuades her to remain and she enrols as a student herself. KBJ

321 B.C. RJ escapes Sanctuary Island and arrives on the mainland. The island elders command Blaze to find and retrieve her. RJ

320 B.C. RJ arrives at SAIA and promises Headmistress Fa’lina that she will work hard to catch up to the level other cubi her age are at. She is introduced to Paladin Sheppard. RJ

305 B.C. Jakob discovers that his casual flirting with a vixen Being around two hundred years ago has left him with a legacy, culminating in a young incubus, Niall Cartwright. Rescuing him from a lynch mob, he takes the youngster under his wing. CJP

302 B.C. Jakob discovers that the two surviving demons who murdered Page are in the neighbouring realm of Macura Province. Sending Niall to SAIA as a precaution, he attempts to extract them but this fails. When diplomacy fails as well, he becomes enraged and invades the realm. Other cities fall as well, but the demons escape. CJP

167 B.C. RJ becomes an assistant to Dr. Ink after failing the majority of her classes, except those related to healing magic. RJ

167 B.C. The Incubus Tezkat Kh'rono is born. TK

152 B.C. Paladin Sheppard graduates from SAIA. PS

150 B.C. Coan graduates under his false name and goes exploring in the world of furrae. CLS
149 B.C. The incubus Dorcan Ja'Fell is born to Salomere and Neremath Ja'Fell. CJP

149 B.C. Keaton is expelled from SAIA for assaulting a fellow student. She resumes the search for her family. KBJ

132 B.C. Paladin Sheppard graduates from XCWPMA and receives the Edge of Cobalt. PS

126 B.C. Dorcan is sent to SAIA. CJP

107 B.C. Jakob finally manages to kill the two surviving murderers, but realizes that he's become a tyrant in the process. Leaving his minions to keep his realm running, he leaves and reverts to the name of Jakob Pettersohn. Returning to SAIA, he assists Fa'Lina in the creation of a new department in the Academy, dedicated to the study of Being technology. During this time, he begins to make wildlife films, initially for the Academy courses, but well-received outside of it too. CJP

83 B.C. RJ is found by her brother and taken back to Sanctuary Island. She returns to SAIA later that year to once again become Dr Ink’s assistant, though she refuses to say what had happened at home. Her brother Blaze also returns to take up residence in a nearby town, becoming a baker and visiting SAIA to help aid new students in fire magic. RJ

72 B.C. The dream sequence in 'Past and Present' takes place. PS

43 B.C. The feline Being Netami Cerekos is born. BH

40 B.C. The incubus Joshua is born. BH

35 B.C. Admon is resurrected by the spell of the undead and breaks free from his icy prison. He finds little in the way of the world he once knew. BH

32 B.C. Paladin Sheppard has a run-in with Edward Ti’Fiona. PS

25 B.C. Topher Chee is born. Netami begins the ten-year training of The Five Stones. BH

25 B.C. The Angel James StarRunner is born AS

15 B.C. Netami fails the last ritual of The Five Stones. BH

11 B.C. The events of Bounty Hunter Chapters 1-4 take place. BH

10 B.C. Paladin Sheppard, with the help of the 2nd Platoon of the RG Commando Regiment, saves the home town of Gareeku from a rival clan. Later, he meets up with RJ after many years, and is introduced to James StarRunner. Various
9 B.C. The events of Bounty Hunter Chapters 5-7 take place, Topher Chee begins the ten-year training of the Five Stones. BH

0 A.C. 'Present day' - Dan becomes an incubus and is kidnapped by Fa'Lina DMFA
0 A.C. The original 'Furrae Chronicles' quest takes place (involving RJ, Jakob, Paladin, James StarRunner and Gareeku) FC

0 A.C. Coan is found out when Abel does a makeover with him. (See comics #513-#517) CLS
2 A.C. Webs of Destiny FC

119 A.C. Jakob is slain in Woe Forest by a bounty hunter named Torris. The android project begins in earnest. CJP

144 A.C. Keaton joins the Starfire Intelligence Agency and slowly infiltrates it, using the organisation's resources to covertly search for her family. KBJ

148 A.C. Keaton locates Lianna, but finds her in a state of mental breakdown. She is left in the care of the mental facility at the SAIA medical wing. KBJ

150 A.C. Project Future reaches fruition. Dorcan graduates from SAIA and is executed. Jakob starts to come out of hiding. Daryil transcends. CJP

151 A.C. Keaton is arrested for multiple felonies and sentenced to 30 years in a maximum security prison KBJ

Year Event Canon