The Fae Kingdom is the alternate-plane residence of the magical Fae race. Currently, minimal information regarding the Fae Kingdom is available, but some facts were revealed amidst its introduction in the arc "All Hail Queen Mab".


The Fae Kingdom does not appear to operate on any real logic or physical boundaries, rather appropriate for the whimsical inhabitants. The physics and logic that hold the Fae Kingdom together are only limited by one's imagination, and can easily be bent and manipulated based on what one believes. Unfortunately, Jyrras did not immediately grasp this concept.[1] The Fae Kingdom exists on a realm entirely separate from Furrae that may serve as a dimensional hub[2].

Miss Mab formerly resided in the Fae Kingdom, but left after Queen Nutmeg ascended to the throne. Azlan apparently still routinely visits the Fae Kingdom (it is possible that he lives there and frequently drifts back and forth to Furrae for Adventuring missions or to visit Lost Lake), and Rose inhabits the Kingdom as well.


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According to Mab in strip #794, being king or queen of the Fae Realm brings no special privileges, and is even considered entertainment or a mundane source of stress (depending on the individual). The newest monarch is elected by his or her predecessor, normally after a thousand years. Requirements for being the king or queen consist of "talking in the third person and having to make a law every thousand years."[3]

It is possible that being a king or queen also does not guarantee infinite wealth or resources, as Nutmeg lamented in strip #790 that she had nothing to offer in exchange for Mab's father's soul.


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