The Fae are creatures that have powerful magic at their disposal. For the most part, however, they don't like to use their magic to destroy things, but an angry Fae is not something you want to encounter.


The Fae are most well known for their magic, a reputation well-deserved. The Fae are nearly unsurpassed in their magic skills, and command a vast spectrum of spells. Because of these insurmountable abilities, no one has been able to fight a Fae long enough to determine a real strength or a weakness behind the race.


Maybe because of their ken on magic, the Fae have adopted an eccentric, maybe theatrical personality, even going so far as to treat their lives--and their existences--as one would stage a play. Normally quite whimsical and random, numerous outrageous events have happened in history because a Fae happened to have felt like toying with reality.

If someone annoys a Fae sufficiently, they will generally take an elaborate revenge upon that person at some point in the future, sometimes taking decades to plan it. In the interim, their victim is marked with a curse, warning other Creatures not to mess with that person until they've had their go. Characters who have been marked in this manner include Jyrras (see strip #804) and Dan (see strip #846).

Physical Characteristics[]

By and large, the Fae are characterized by their almost insect-like attributes, such as glowing antennae, wings, and on some occasions a gemstone on their foreheads. The wings and antennae, somewhat similar to the Cubi race's own wing-tentacles, can be morphed to an extent based off of their moods, such as when in a state of anxiety or anger, the tips of the antennae will begin to burn.

Fae souls work differently to those of regular Beings or Creatures and cannot be stolen[1]. This is related to their lifecycle (see below).


Most Fae live in an alternate plane. In order to reach it, they must have access to an object linked to the physical world. Their kingdom is located on such a plane, but its monarchy is far too sporadic to be considered a real form of leadership.


According to Nutmeg in strip #785, there are exactly 2,438,165 Fae in existence, a number which remains constant. (It is unclear if the number has always remained constant). Hence, a new Fae can only be born when another Fae decides to end their life. When this takes place, their soul energy is usually auctioned to the highest bidder by the next of kin.

Because of this, Fae do not have an afterlife in the conventional sense and are born knowing this[2].

While they would seem to prefer to use couples in the conventional manner, Fae are capable of reproducing asexually [3], and only one parent (of either gender) is actually required.


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