Edward Ti'Fiona
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Strip #297

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Wife (Quintinga), Wife (Destania), Son (Dan), Daughter (Alexsi)




Edward Ti'Fiona is a figure who is very important to the story of DMFA but has never made an appearance yet except flashbacks or historical documents.


He was an adventurer who married an Amazon named Quintinga, eventually settling down to have a daughter named Alexsi and take care of his Inn, the Lost Lake Inn. However they continued to adventure. While investigating a mythos attack in the Jihar'ki Region, a cubi named Aniz managed to kill Quintinga but not before they took the incubus down. Quintinga was given posthumous recognition by Zinvth authorities for the death of Aniz Siar.[1]

Two years passed, just Edward raising Alexsi[2], until one stormy night when a wounded creature happened into the inn.[3] According to Alexsi, the other being patrons would have killed the creature, but Edward stopped them. The creature was a succubus, called Destania. If he was being clever or just incredibly brave is unclear, as beings didn't know much about the cubi at the time, but he gave the potentially dangerous succubus a room in his inn for the night to rest and recover from her injuries. Destania pointed out it was her job to kill him and he shouldn't be so kind. Edward seemed to shrug this off and told Destania to "do her worst" [4]. They were married two months later.

Dan was born not long after and Destania started calling herself "Desiree Star", though she did tell her children her maiden name.[5]

Many years later, Alexsi was growing up to the responsible one and Dan had graduated from Adventuring School[6]. Edward went missing, kidnapped by Dragons for an unknown reason[7], but it may have something to do with the his wife.

Not much else is known about Edward but conjecture and theories.


  • Edward is Alexsi's (by Quintinga) and Dan's (by Destania) genetic father. (Alexsi is the elder sibling.)
  • Edward is known to be somewhat reckless or perhaps brave to a fault. Alexsi attributes Edward for why Dan has this trait.[8]
  • Edward was an adventurer and seems to have had a thing for Amazons, given he married one.[9] This is another trait that his son seems to have picked up from his father.