05 Dorcan
Dorcan Ja'Fell
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Canine (Doberman Pinscher)



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muddy brown

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Surprise, fear


Father (Neremath Ja'Fell), Mother (Salomere Ja'Fell)


Ja'Fell Clan



Dorcan has a reputation for being something of a dreamer, which has led some to believe that he is slow-witted. In actual fact he is reasonably bright, though this is tempered by the fact that he is somewhat inexperienced, often forgetful and known for the occasional moments of downright stupidity. This aside, Dorcan is a kind and loyal individual with a happy-go-lucky attitude to life, who is willing to stand up for what he believes is right. Out of general courtesy and the superstitions of his clan, he was brought up to treat Beings well.


Dorcan was born to the husky incubus Neremath Ja'Fell and his doberman wife, Salomere Ja'Fell, formerly of Clan Dynarith. They lived in a village of Beings who were hostile to Creatures, in the hopes that their Clan's persecutors would not think of looking for them in such a place.

His early life was relatively uneventful and not dissimilar to the childhood of a young Being, with the exception that he rarely saw his grandparents face-to-face and that it was drummed into him never to go out without a patch to hide his wings.

About the time he turned twenty, the village where he lived was attacked by Rhu'Hahn members. Dorcan's brother and sister were killed in this attack and the death toll would have been much higher had his family not broken disguise and fought back. This earned them the enmity of the village, which was grudgingly forced to concede that the village may well have been obliterated without their aid and allowed them to stay.

A few years later, Dorcan and his surviving siblings were sent to the Succubus and Incubus Academy, where he spent the next 275 years, emerging approximately 150 years after present-day DMFA. Like Jakob, his first impulse on leaving the safe confines of the Academy was to try out the 'Cubi charm. Unfortunately he chose to do this in a town which had an aggressive hatred for Creatures. This little one-night stand earned him a rape charge which was trumped up to include attempted soul-murder among other spurious crimes for which he was eventually hanged. Then things really started to get interesting for him.

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  • As with all Ja'Fell Clan members, Dorcan's natural clan mark has been modified with a magical tattoo to change its appearance.
  • The resurrected Dorcan is considerably more muscular-looking than his earlier incarnation and his clan mark is now entirely made up of tattoo.
  • Dorcan's appearance comes from his mother's side with the exception of his wings and hair.
  • Dorcan is pretty good at video games.

Author's notes[]

  • Dorcan is named after an industrial estate I used to work in.
  • Dorcan was originally inspired by a one-shot character who appeared in the 'Cubi Powers arc.