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Strip #1000

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Daughter (Destania), Grandson (Daniel Ti'Fiona)


Cyra Clan


"Hello, Daniel. It is good to finally meet you. I am Cyra."
— Cyra, p.1000

Cyra is a Tri-winged succubus and the founder of the powerful clan that bears her name.

Little is currently known about her; the few things that are had to be deduced from comments made by other members of her clan.

Cyra has appeared in Dan's mind as a very large person. It turns out that this is the natural size of a clan leader.

Personality Edit

Nothing is known about her personality. According to Fa'Lina, Cyra's clan revelled in its pain affinity, and it can be inferred that she allowed this to happen even if she did not actively promote it. She does appear to be devoted to her grandson, Dan.

History Edit

In the Clan Leader mini-arc, Cyra's age is listed as rounded down to 7,000, meaning that, at oldest, she must be 7,499. Given that Destania is her daughter, and sterility is part of the cost of ascension, this means that she was comparatively young when she became a clan leader. It is suspected that the fact that she was able to ascend at such a young age may be a contributing factor to the start of the Dragon-Cubi war.

According to Dan, Cyra claims to have accidentally turned a city into glass; she intended to usurp the guardianship of the city of Hishaan from the dragon M'Chek but his death caused an energy surge (Comic 1217). Given that this is thought to have started the Dragon-Cubi War (According to most historians), it is probable that many dragons believed she destroyed Hishaan intentionally.

Art preview Edit

In the past, there had only been one rare (mature-rated) picture of her drawn in 2004, which has been floating around the DMFA scene and is believed to have come from Amber's now-defunct VCL account.

A censored version of the picture can be found here. It has been blurred out but may not be safe for work. Use your discretion before viewing, and note that there are about 5 years of art evolution between this and her first actual canon appearance, so this should be regarded as a historical curiosity more than a bona fide reference.

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