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"I used to have a sitter named Cindy..."
— Abel, Abel's Story pg. 29

Spoiler Warning: The following content may give away recent plot details.

Cynthia, affectionately known as Cindy, was once the babysitter of Abel Rewanz before his family moved to Zinvth. Cindy was the only person in that town who was not prejudiced towards Abel's wings, largely due to the fact she shared similar deformities.

While Cindy was ostensibly a Being, she was born with a third eye on the palm of her hand - an anomaly that Cid Rewanz claimed was the result of working with volatile magic.[1] Cid also used this explanation to dismiss Abel's winged appearance, but since he was later revealed to be an Incubus in disguise the validity of his statement is probably questionable. Therefore, it might be possible that one of Cindy's parents had some degree of Creature heritage. Both of Cindy's parents appeared in Abel's Story #33.

Cindy looked after Abel while his mother went to meet the principal of a nearby school, and was apparently on excellent terms with him. Even after the Rewanz family left, the two remained in contact, exchanging letters.

This tradition continued until Abel was twenty-four years old. While Cindy's letters were originally very positive, recalling the latest events, they gradually became more and more melancholic as Cindy suffered from depression. The final letter that Abel received from Cindy described how often she stood on a cliff overlooking the ocean. Eventually, Abel received notification of Cindy's suicide in Abel's Story #30, and was invited to attend her funeral. This led to the majority of the events that occurred in Abel's Story.

It was unclear if Cindy faced the same bigotry as Abel did during his childhood, although it could have been a contributing factor to her depression if it was not clinical. She was apparently well-known among the townspeople, since Devin Mernstar expressed some degree of shock when he learned of her suicide.[2]

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  • Cindy was right-handed, which was convenient since her third eye was located on her left palm. This third eye was not of the same component and element as her regular two eyes, making it considerably more durable and less sensitive than an ordinary eye. Cindy was capable of sealing the eyelid of her third eye shut in order to prevent any material from harming it.[3]


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