524 B.C. Zenivth

Dovonia: Isn't he lovely?

Troan: He sure is Dove.

Dovonia: Look, he's already asleep. Th cute lil' guy.

500 B.C. SAIA

Fa'lina: That's the last of it Mr.Ti'fiona, now say your goodbyes and come with me Coan. Coan:bye mum, bye dad. Devonia and Troan:goodbye son.

456 B.C. Letter,crowded town square

Letter:Dear mum and dad,

Tonight I will stage my death and go into hiding I suggest that you do the same mum.

With love,Coan

Crowded town square

Man:look the town thief and a cubi! Are they alive?

Medic: no they're both dead.

Man2:wait! The cubi has something in his pocket.

Woman: it has an address on it Mr. and Ms.Ti'fiona

Woman2:I know them let me deliver it.

Later that night

Coan:man, acting dead is harder than it looks. Well better be going.

The Ti'fiona household

Troan:that all? Ok let's go.

1 A.C

Abel:now let's see what clan you are. (Whips off robe)


Coan sneaks away while Abel is petrified.

Dan: you never told me you are from my clan

Coan:uuuuummmmm... Well you see eeerrrrr...

One backstory later

Dan:whoa that's a long time to be hiding out.

Coan:you have no idea