'The Chronicles of Jakob Pettersohn' is a history of Jakob Pettersohn, written by his creator. It begins about 900 years prior to the events in the main DMFA comic.

The story is still in the process of being written, with a new chapter being published on the DMFA forum approximately each fortnight. The series is also being 're-run' on DeviantArt, with various fixes and improvements.

There is also a followup set about two centuries after the events of DMFA, known as The Future History of Jakob Pettersohn.



Jakob Pettersohn, Izak Pettersohn, Petter Josefsohn, Dulcinia Josefsohn, Niall Cartwright


Lord Page a.k.a 'Azrael', Rikkard Ashley (later 'Ashley Daryil'), Wilson


Ulric the Strong, Lady Siad, Father Mandamus, Father Trumidian, Jay Farrow


Fa'Lina, Chelsea, Daryil, various others


The tidied-up repeats:

Chapters 1-2 Chapters 3-4 Chapters 5-6 Chapters 7-8 Chapters 9-10

Chapters 11-12 Chapters 13-14 Chapters 15-16 Chapters 17-18 Chapters 19-20

Chapters 21-22 Chapters 23-24 Chapters 25-26 Chapters 27-28 Chapters 29-30

Chapters 31-32 Chapters 33-34 Chapters 35-36 Chapters 37-38 Chapter 39

The original run (and discussion of it) can be found on the DMFA forum, and there is also a copy on llearch's story server.

The sequel, The Future History of Jakob Pettersohn is also being adapted into a webcomic named 'Project Future'