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Gee, Pai Gon, Fa Teen, Rebma, Lady X (clockwise from right), Nyra
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Pai Gon (PG for short), the original censorship panda, was originally started as the "Panda faerie who hits people on the message board with her wand when they go past the PG rating of the board." Her sisters include: Gee (G), Fa Teen (PG-13/14), Rebma (MA), Lady X (NC-17), and Nyra (under construction/no rating). Their ages generally seem to follow their ratings, less Pai Gon.

The adopt-a-censorship panda program was started by Amber Williams as a combination of a website rating system, and a website adoptable.

While not mentioned as fae on Mab's Land, DMFA strip #262 shows Pai Gon while talking about fae.

The Pandas[]

Gee (G)[]

The youngest of the Censor Panda sisters, Gee is the enforcer of G-rated websites. She seems to know that when she is there, the ratings just work.

Pai Gon (PG)[]

Although seemingly older than any of her sisters, Pai Gon is the enforcer of PG-rated websites. Due to the general trend of people pushing the PG rating, she tends to be overstressed and frazzled. She carries a wand, which she uses to help enforce her rating (by smacking offenders with it) and seems to have a personality of its own.

Pai Gon is the censor panda of DMFA canon.

Fa Teen (PG-13/14)[]

Fa Teen is the enforcer of PG-13/14 websites. She tends to be the more vocal of the panda sisters.

Fa Teen is the censor panda of Abel's Story.

Rebma (MA)[]

Rebma is the enforcer of mature (MA) websites. She is often seen with some sort of firearm or cigarette.

Lady X (NC-17)[]

Lady X is the "infamous" enforcer of NC-17 rated websites. She is rarely seen clothed.

Nyra (no rating)[]

Although only seen as part of the adopt-a-censorship panda program, Nyra is the censorship panda for websites/pages for which content is still being worked out. According to Amber, she borders on emotionless, lacking any of the quirks that make her sisters unique.