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Anna is one of the three Amazon sisters introduced in the twenty-fourth arc of Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures, "The Return of Dark Pegasus?".

Character AnalysisEdit

Not much is known about Anna's personality, but she appears rather agreeable and friendly, judging by her willingness to assist Daniel Ti'Fiona after he became entangled in a burlap bag and how she apologized for falling on top of him (see strip #883). Granted, it is possible that she was only amiable toward Dan because she, given the robe which he recently received from Wildy San, accidentally mistook him as a female, assuming Amazons in the DMFA universe share the same misandry as legendary Amazons. When Shanna is concerned, Anna quickly becomes argumentative and sarcastic, resorting to rather brutal insults which often lead to their altercations becoming violent. According to Hannah, in spite of their differences and their arguments, Shanna and Anna really do care about one another.[1]


As with her two sisters, details of Anna's history, such as how long she has known her sisters, have not yet been revealed in the comic. The only notable events in her background are that she was among the three Amazons which helped Dan defeat Dark Pegasus for the first time.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Anna is actually a Mythos in disguise, as was revealed in strip #925 (and insinuated by Fi's dialogue in strip #915). While of enough physical strength to actively compete with Dark Pegasus, Anna was still defeated by the Demon, which might mean that she is, for a Mythos, comparatively inexperienced.

Anna possesses abilities reminiscent of a plant monster. Shanna implied in strip #931 that exposure to the sun can heal Anna's injuries in a photosynthetic manner. In addition, Anna's blood was depicted as being green in strip #927, like a chlorophyll substitute.

In her true form, Anna is large and reptilian in appearance, but with an enormous green mane of hair and vines. She retains the same eyes and green coloration as her Being disguise. She has four arms and a thick, prehensile tail; leaves cover her body in large tufts, predominantly around the ears, shoulders, cheeks, and in patterned formations down her neck.



  1. See Hannah's dialogue in the first few panels of strip #885.