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Despite the name and the outward appearance, Angels are not necessarily good news. They are extremely devious and skilled manipulators, expert at convincing others of their good intentions, though this may or may not be the case in reality.

Appearance and Abilities[]

Like Demons, Angels have a nominal lifespan of around 1500 years. In terms of appearance they usually have feathered wings. As a rule they will tend to have bright, colourful markings. As with Demons, they have the ability to harden their skin and adapt their hands and/or claws to make them razor-sharp. They also have lightning reflexes and are extremely quick thinkers. They lack the endurance of Demons, and magically their forte is light-based magic rather than the dark variety.

Attitudes and Behaviour[]

As with Demons, Angels are drawn to power, although their methods are completely different, relying mostly on planning, manipulation, and intellect rather than brute force. Some believe that knowledge is power and so will guard and protect libraries. Others will protect a village or city in exchange for tribute. While there are many kindly angels, many are all too often corrupted by the prospect of gain.

Angels are usually solitary unless united by a common cause; more often they are rivals and will fight each other viciously.


The Angel race is believed to have appeared at the same time as the Demon race, and so it may be presumed that they were both created by the same event, possibly as some kind of manifestation of light and dark powers, respectively. It is said that the Angel race handled the diplomatic side of the Being-Creature Council during its early years. Most of the historical Angel figures are those responsible for defining acts of diplomacy, despite the fact that there have been many infamous Angels whose scheming has brought tragedy. Some believe that these events have been hidden from posterity to improve the races' standing.

Facts and Trivia[]

  • Akaen, 612, is the current Angel representative on the Being-Creature council and is highly skilled at smoothing over disagreements between other members. He is also one of the chief investors in Being technology and is indirectly one of the largest contributors to the industrial revolution.
  • Of late, Angels seem to have difficulty conceiving a child with Angel heritage[1]. This has led to a decline in their race, though the ultimate cause is not presently known.


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