04 Aliyka
Biographical information

Ali, Ali-Cat, Lai



Marital Status

Single and adventuring


Strip #117

Physical description

Phoenix / Feline



Hair color


Eye color


Miscellaneous Information
Often Seen

Frolicking in meadows

Most Known For

Being the bringer of adventures


Adventuring, gardening, peace-campaigning

Favorite Food


Favorite Colour

Green and yellow





Despite the brutality behind an Adventurer's career, Aliyka is a surprisingly pacifistic and colorful individual, and spends more time spreading her ubiquitous message of joy and peace than hacking and slashing. Overwhelmingly optimistic, Aliyka is always seen cheerfully triumphing over the adversaries that come her way, partially in part to her persistent jauntiness, and partially in part to her rather bizarre methods of taming aforementioned adversaries[1]. Unorthodox methods aside, she is disarmingly effective, but because most people expect Adventurers to subdue their foes in a more barbarous manner, Aliyka is assigned more as a delivery girl and messenger than a traditional Adventurer. Aliyka appreciates the opportunity to explore and frolic regardless. All in all, she is a magnetic, cheerful character.


Aliyka's history can only be assumed to have been a good one. Since she was very young, Aliyka displayed interest in becoming a go-between and a treaty-maker, and this showed when she became the head of the debate and peace department in high school. Once she graduated she wandered to the Kingdom of H-Ann, where she was educated to become an Adventurer. Since she was so pacifistic, fighting never worked well for her, but despite that she successfully graduated. Ever since then she has been a freelancer, offering her services to those who require them.

Aliyka was responsible for convincing Lorenda Soulstealer to abandon her habits of eating Beings in high school, as shown in #341. She was later seen as Merlitz's potential Adventuring companion in #668. Apparently, prior to her first appearance, Aliyka wasn't very successful at upholding her pacifistic leanings, as her demeanor in "The Return of Dark Pegasus?" was drastically different from her behavior several years later.


  • Out of all of the flowers, Aliyka's favorite is the daisy.
  • Aliyka is part of the non-fiery variation of Phoenix, particularly classified as the Phoenix B race in the Demonology page[2].
  • Aliyka's hair is composed entirely of feathers.
  • True to her race, Aliyka can transform into a feline, but she very rarely does it. However, when she does transform into a feline, she is unnaturally enormous in size and enters a berserker-like mode.[3] According to Amber, this is not normal among Phoenixes.
  • In her first appearance, Dan mentions that she only recently became a Phoenix. However, she retains her Phoenix form in flashbacks about Lorenda's school years and Dan's first adventure.


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